Equipment manufacturers do
one thing - manufacture.

GLEP does the rest.

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Equipment manufacturers do
one thing - manufacture.

GLEP does the rest.

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Our Industry-Leading Distribution Partners

"GLEP has been a valuable resource in getting me and my team up to speed on all things GE/ABB. Even amidst all the chaos we’ve seen in the past 2 years they have continued to push to be better."
"In today’s world of supply chain shortages … GLEP provides us daily updates and works with the manufacturers to make sure the equipment ships or finds alternatives to keep the process moving. This lets us focus on other areas of our business."
"Over the years working with the GLEP team … Communication starts before the project is bid and continues until we provide closeouts. It's been a great experience so far working with everyone."

We've Got Your Back

Your team does the installation, GLEP does the rest. We are here to assist you in evaluating your design, as well as quoting, ordering, and supporting any electrical distribution equipment for commercial construction projects.

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Actively work on getting you answers you can count on

Aggressively identify alternatives to challenges

Make your problem our responsibility

Partnering in YOUR

Won’t leave you hanging

Partner for win-win

More than just a transaction


We strive to be better today than yesterday

Always learning and growing

We are never satisfied with the status quo


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Whether your project needs application review and design evaluation assistance, competitive quoting, ordering and shipment tracking, customer service or post-sales support, the GLEP team has decades of experience to guide every step of the project. We're committed to getting the job done and getting it done right.



See the GLEP Way in Action

We matched the right equipment to the application for the redevelopment of the iconic Book Tower in Downtown Detroit, which will become the city's first extended-stay hotel concept. This is one example of how the creativity and ingenuity of our team and proven process resulted in a profitable and successful partnership.

The Book Tower is a historical, 38-story skyscraper in Downtown Detroit, Michigan that required the delicate and accurate deployment of electrical equipment to ensure successful implementation. As a part of a $320 million renovation project, our team was challenged to identify the technology and design best suited for one of the most iconic buildings in Detroit’s skyline.
Our consistent communication and responsive customers allowed us to produce effective stage and store processes as well as a high-quality design that would help preserve the historic structure. This and coordination with the two general contractors on the project resulted in a precise implementation delivered on time. This is just one example of how our team’s creative problem-solving and proven process resulted in a profitable and successful partnership.
Our Approach
  • Conducting comprehensive walkthroughs and inspections to ensure precise spacing and functionality
  • Researching and selecting appropriate equipment
  • Prompt support and execution of over 50 change orders during the quote process
  • Adapting to critical changes after submission of final orders without a delay in the completion of the project
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